What can my family do at the Stellar Children’s Museum?

There’s something new to do every day at the Stellar Children’s Museum! SCM is packed with over 5500 square feet of interactive exhibits. With 6 hands-on galleries, there is plenty of fun and learning to be had. To see what’s going on during the day of your visit, please check our online calendar for event times and descriptions. Remember, there is plenty for tykes two and under too!

What’s going on today?

There are many exciting new activities every day and special events every week. Check out our online calendar to see what we’re highlighting today. Plus, don’t forget we have exciting exhibits and new workshops which are constantly changing.

What age range is appropriate?

The Stellar Children’s Museum is for the young and young at heart, but specifically, we target children from birth to age 8 and their families. Each of our exhibits, experiences and programs have been designed to engage a broad range of children’s ages and interests. There are specific areas for children younger than 35 months and their caretakers.

How long does a visit take?

There is no exact answer to this question. It all depends on your child’s age and interests. First-time visitors spend closer to 1-2 hours. Out-of-towners make us a destination and visit us over at least two days. We are a one-stop for family fun: play, eat and shop!

Can I drop off my kid for the day and leave? Do I have to be with my kid all the time?

We ask that all children MUST be accompanied by an adult. Any child under 16 on its own will be escorted to the Information Booth to remain there until a parent or caretaker is located. The child will not be allowed to leave the Museum until someone picks up the child.

When can I avoid crowds?

Arrive early to avoid crowds. However, crawlers exhibit is typically busier in the mornings, but this is an excellent time for infant/toddler group play and for parents to socialize with other parents within the exhibit! During the school year, visit after 1:30 p.m. to avoid a school on tour to the Museum.

What should we wear on a visit to SCM?

We’re action-packed, so dress comfortably. Wear comfortable shoes if you want to climb the tree climber or crawl through the canopy climber.

Can we bring outside food into the Museum? Is there food available?

We ask visitors to not bring outside food into the Museum. You may choose from a healthy and varied selection of food items in our Cafe. We also ask visitors to not eat in the exhibit galleries. There are plenty of tables and chairs at the Café, to help you sit back and enjoy your meal while your child explores the Museum.

Is there a place to park my stroller?

Yes, next to the admission area is a place to park your stroller. Visitors may also store items in the locker room located beside the Admissions Booth.

How do I book Group reservations?

If you would like to book a Group Visit, please email us at Groups of 25 people or more may be eligible for discounts.

Do you provide Special Needs tours?

Yes, we do. Please refer any special needs questions to our Education Coordinator at


What do we offer for infants and toddlers?

There are many activities for young infants/toddlers at the Children’s Museum of Houston.
The Crawler Fountain is a calming space at the centre of this exhibit gallery serves as a gathering point as children from the Market to the School and into the other areas of the space. The youngest visitors can be found here investigating the sensory panels and other activities lining the walls of the fountain. The toddler/crawler area is also a one-stop spot for play dates and parenting resources.

Can I host my child’s birthday party at the Museum?

Yes, but only Stellar Gymkhana Members get discounts to host birthday parties at the Children’s Museum. If you would like to learn more about birthday parties, please contact our Events Manager at

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