INVENT IT : This gallery encourages the exploration of various physical sciences like air and gravity

Exhibits :

AIR TEST COLUMN AND SCARF FOUNTAIN : Experiments to test the power of air under pressure and its ability and effect in moving or lifting various objects.

BERNOULLI TABLE : Uses Bernoulli’s principle to help explain the effect of low and high pressure on objects and their shapes. This explains aerodynamics and the forces of lift and thrust.

GRAVITY BALL DROP : This exhibit demonstrates why anything which has mass also has a gravitational pull. It helps understand the effect of gravity on objects of various sizes and weights.

GRAVITY WELL : This exhibit expresses the ideas of velocity, revolution, orbits and the laws of inertia. It is a visual demonstration of Kepler’s laws of Planetary Motion.

INVENT A CAR TABLE : Using building with bricks to teach spatial reasoning, awareness of proportions and patterns and problem solving skills. Duplo blocks are used to create cars of various designs.

RACE A CAR TRACK : Teaches the concepts of simple machines like an inclined plane and the forces acting on an object moving down the surface. It helps understand Newton's three laws of Motion.

BUILD IT : Designing, constructing and altering creations to explore the applied sciences using simple machines and other tools.

Exhibits :

BUILD A ROLLER COASTER : The “Build your own coaster” exhibit is a hands-on experience that involves the creation of your own roller coaster and then the testing and re-testing of your design while understanding the concepts of energy and how it can transform from Potential Energy (energy stored in an object) to Kinetic Energy (energy associated with moving objects).

MAGNETIC BUILDING TILES : These magnetic tiles are magnetic on all sides and they attract other tiles to combine and create cubes, pyramids and other unlimited geometric shapes, leading from two-dimensional to advanced 3-D thinking patterns.

THE GEAR TABLE : This exhibit has a fixed gear and the users objective is to select additional gears from the barrel and engineer a combination that will connect all gears together. This will develop concepts of rotation and torque.

BUILD A CITY : Keva blocks can be used to design and create everything from simple stacks to elaborate cities. Using only gravity to hold the blocks up, concepts of architecture and physics are used to achieve balance, optimum proportion and a steady structure.

CREATE IT : Exploring the science of color (chromatics) through various media and foundation concepts of visual art, color, line, form, texture and composition by presenting traditional media in innovative ways. Color categories and physical specifications of color are also associated with objects or materials based on their physical properties such as light absorption, reflection, or emission spectra.

Exhibits :

PIN SCREEN : Children use their hands, arms and other objects to create colorful impressions on this interactive multi-sensory exhibit. It combines movement and creativity to enhance brain stimulation and contour gauge.

COLOR MIXING : Slide the backlit panels in each row over each other to reveal new textures, patterns, shades and colors that emerge. It teaches the child the concept of how colors and patterns mix and form other colors and patterns.

TUBE CHIMES : Chimes are a member of the percussion family and can be used to explain Pythagora’s Theory of Sound. Striking the top edge of the lower end of the tube of various lengths, gives rise to low notes and high notes.

MAGNETIC ART : Replicate on a magnetic board famous works of Great Masters that involve shape sequencing and sorting using a colorful array of engaging patterning puzzles. This exhibit develops a child’s ability to capture visuals and recreate them through trial and error.

WASHER MUSIC UNIT : This explains the concept of vibrating waves producing sound. This is explained by dropping various sizes of washers over a threaded screw to produce sound waves.

PAINT ON GLASS : Children create designs on glass using paint as the medium to express their creativity through individual or collaborative effort.

CHANGEABLE ACTIVITY STATIONS : These activity stations ensure a variety of experiences like clay sculpture, spin art, rubbing plates and puppet making. Children work individually or in groups to sculpt, model and create. Improves fine motor and sensory skills.

WORKSHOP AREA : This area is a place where kids and their families can design and experiment with various educational concepts. Multidisciplinary experiences and exhibits inspire innovation and creativity to support current classroom curricula.

LIVE IT : Interactives to aid role play and self expression to encourage problem solving and reasoning skills. Activities involve sorting, counting, guess and check and other early learning skills.

Exhibits :

MARKET and CAFE : Children learn the basics of mathematics; reading and science as they sort and shop for produce, weigh their selections and ring up their purchases. They also learn concepts of color, size and shape, distinguish between number concepts – such as more and less and understand patterns and how they are related.

HEART DRUM : Maintaining a steady, relaxed contact with both brass handprints of the device will make you hear your heart beat, and the reading on the Beats per Minute (BPM) display will give an indication of heart rate. Helps children understand heart rate and how it can vary with activity.

STELLAR SCHOOL : Here, children learn through direct personal hands-on contact with real things and concrete learning materials to bring abstract concepts to life. Children gain literacy skills and gross and fine motor skills.

READING NOOK : Children and parents can pick a book from the library and read together to enhance imagination and expression through stories. This helps with language skills and self confidence.

EXPLORE IT : Physically active space that encourages investigating the surrounding world through gross motor skills including climbing, jumping, rolling and crawling. Instills a spirit of adventure and discovery and an appreciation for nature and the need to conserve it.

Exhibits :

DIG PIT : Children can dig into rubber pieces that look like dirt to dig out bugs and other creepy crawlies. They are aware of the environment and the need to protect it. Children can plant saplings and explore and connect with nature.

CANOPY AND TREE CLIMBER : Enhances gross motor development as children learn to maneuver through an enclosed interconnected series of mazes. Children use sequencing and patterning to problem solve.

SPLASH IT : Explore the way water moves(fluid dynamics) by watching it, touching it and redirecting it on a Water Table.

Exhibits :

WATER TABLE : Explore the power of water and the energy it can create. Experiment by placing dams into the slots to maneuver the flow of water. The 15 foot long table explores water physics as children build mazes to redirect the flow of water, use their problem solving skills to construct systems to learn about cause and effect. They learn the chemical and physical properties of water like Density, Viscosity, Buoyancy and Surface Tension.

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